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Kitting Solution

In this situation, ACR worked with a leading manufacturer in the floor care industry. The Customer had problems tracking inventories on multiple parts for production assemblies on their floor care equipment. As a joint effort with this customer ACR was able to produce and pack multiple parts in the same container specifically for each type of equipment produced. Some of the challenges that needed to be resolved included:

In order to meet the unique requirements of this Customer, the entire ACR team from sales, procurement, logistics and operations reviewed the challenge with the Customer and developed an effective sustainable solution that continues to work today. Some of the unique attributes that the ACR team created include:

The optimized solution is in operation today and is working very successfully for our Customer. Furthermore, the solution has resulted in increases in productivity, Inventory control and floor space for ACR’s Customer and the Customer is currently experiencing rapid growth. ACR has built in flexibility and capacity expansion capability in the whole process and ACR is ready and able to handle the increased Customer demands.